Who We Are

We have extensive experience and industry involvement to be able to fulfill your needs however complicated, whatever the Size, Colour, Curvature, Venue, Interaction, Environment or Interface.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and organic approach to display design. Within our dedicated and diverse team, we draw on an eclectic wealth of resource that makes the challenging into an achievable design creative. We aim to realise every vision of imagery for maximum impact by blending Modern, Sleek Styling with the best of British Engineering.

What Things We Do

LED Displays

From large scale dynamic outdoor billboards to fine pitch indoor LED Displays, we provide solutions for all sectors and environments from retail to roadside; POS to heavy industry. We can design, produce or percure and install any size or format of LED Display. Quality is one of our major core values and is applied to every product we purvey.


We are specialists in development,  fabrication and installation of design concepts  into tangible, creative, commercially viable structures or inbuilt solutions. Drawings, Project Management, Structural Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Steelwork Engineering and Electrical; all aspects are safe in our hands.


Using our in depth knowledge of  global AV products and brands, we can provide control, scaling and remote access integration using cutting edge technologies. We can also provide tailor made solutions from our in-house software team  to enhance effectiveness.


We offer short term or long term campaigns, budget dependent giving you maximum ROI on your digital screen. Content can be scheduled for any time of the day or night and even months or years ahead using the latest, easily accessible technology.


Being autonomous and not tied to any one supplier we can supply expert, experienced , independent advice on the procurement of the best LED display systems for your needs guiding you through the mine field of suppliers that litter today market.


Our highly experienced team of LED technicians are on constant call to respond to any issue whether remotely or physically. We can repair right down to PCB and will get right to the root cause of any problem to ensure the incident will not happen again.



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